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1st Prize to Harry Bell for "Horchata for Two"

The competition is open to members of the North of England Art Club only
The judge sees entries as shown here (no names)

1st "Horchata For two" by Harry Bell

2nd "Strawberry" by Sandra Haney

3rd "Mandarin orange in water" by Susan Lonergan

"Through the Greenhouse Window" by Ian Hancock

no.21 "Grandmother’s Vases"

No.20 "yellow purple green"

No19 "Bird for burial"

No.17 "lemons daffodils and owl"

no.16 "Pear on a table"

No.15 "Sunfish on a plate"

no.14 ""priceless"

No.13"Twig, bowl and jar"

No.12 "Not a Vase of Flowers!"

no.11 "still life with Chips"

no.10 "quinces"

no.9 "earthenware pot with flowers"

No.8 "Fruit in a Decorative plate"

no.7 "Glass"

no.5 "Fruit bowl and Buddha"

No.3 "5am 19-06-20"

No.2 "lockdown pork pie (no gelatine)"