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The North of England Art Club


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This page is intended as information for members please go to ON SHOW page for Show opening times and venues.

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1.  Members: Entering your work for exhibition

5. Club policy on exhibitions (due to be updated)

1. The next North of England Art Club Exhibition will be held at The Newcastle Arts Centre  55 Westgate Road (See On Show page for opening hours)

Each artist may enter TWO works. Entry fee is £5 per painting (refundable if not selected). The Club will take 20% on sales. Standard conditions apply (see below). The work must be original. The work must be framed or on edge painted deep canvas. Mirror plates must be fitted. Work must be labelled with ONE label attached securely to the back with your name, title, medium and price.

The hand in has been completed for May 2017. 

5. Club policy on exhibitions

The Club has decided to organise three exhibitions each year. Our exhibitions are organised, hung and normally staffed by volunteers. Helping with the exhibition staffing is usually an essential condition of entry.

This policy has been reviewed in response to the results of the survey into members' attitudes to exhibitions. Almost everyone felt that three exhibitions each year is sufficient. Opinions on the length of each show were equally divided between longer, shorter and just the same! The Committee has decided to keep the current pattern for now.

Everyone is keen (but not desperate) to sell their work. We shall try to find venues that have good visibility and footfall in suitably commercial locations.


In May or June of each year we shall hold the Club Annual Exhibition. This is open to all members who may submit two or three pictures (depending on space available) for a small fee that is intended to cover the cost of the venue. There is no hanging committee and members may show their own selection of work.

The main purpose of the Annual Exhibition is to show our work to family and friends, however paintings may be offered for sale. The Club will take 20% commission on sales. The gallery venue may or may not take a commission, and this will vary from gallery to gallery. Details will be made clear on exhibition entry forms.

In December, we will try to arrange a Selling Exhibition at a suitable commercial venue, similar to the successful events at the Park Shopping Mall in Whitley Bay. The number of entries will be limited by the space available. The Club will take a commission that will be determined after the exhibition, at a level that covers the costs of the venue, materials, publicity and a small profit to add to Club funds.

The primary objective of the Selling Exhibition is to provide a sales outlet for members and to showcase the high quality of the Club's work with a view to attracting new members. If necessary, there will be a hanging committee to match the volume of entries to the space available. The hanging committee members will be independent experts who are not Club members.

In September, we hope to organise a short Charity Exhibition or similar. The Committee is currently investigating suitable charity connections and possible sponsors. It is intended that the Club will take 20% commission and that the artists will contribute a minimum of an additional 30% to the chosen charity. Some artists may choose to donate paintings. The Club will invite other well known local artists who are not Club members to participate.

The Charity Exhibition may be a short show at a high quality venue, perhaps as short as three days, or it may take the form of the art auction event that was successful in the past. 

Last year we joined Network Artists NE at The HolyT Art Fair, this was primarily as a recruitment opportunity.

Standard requirements for exhibition entries.

 The closing date for entries will normally be at least SEVEN days before the hand in date. This is to allow time for the organisers to prepare labels and a catalogue.

Unless advised otherwise, all paintings must be properly framed with picture plates fixed centrally half way down each side. The title, name of the artist and medium must be shown on a label attached to the back of the picture. A second label with this information and the price of the painting should be attached to the picture on a string so that it hangs below the picture when it is mounted on the wall. It enables the organisers to put the correct label next to your picture. Please do NOT attach the string through the screw holes of the picture plate as it gets tangled with the screws.

Take down will normally begin immediately after doors close on the last day of the show or on the morning of the following day. It may not be possible to leave paintings at the venue after the end of the day on which the exhibition closes. Each artist must make arrangements for the collection of unsold paintings. The Club will accept no responsibility for uncollected works.