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Notes on Chinese and Japanese Art by Gwendolynn Heley

 Following yesterday's Talk on Japanese Art (and Hokusai), I was asked by
Ian and Alan, if I would send some information about Japanese and 
Chinese Brush Painting to post of the NoEAC site 

Traditionally, there are very close associations in techniques between 
the Japanese and Chinese 'Brush Painting'. Much of what Japan did was 
first being done in China. The techniques share a lot: Inks (sticks and 
liquid), paints, (the Japanese have stronger higher quality pigments, 
the Chinese better opaque colours), brushes of a wide variety, made of 
many types of hair, and a huge variety of papers made out of different 
plants, and silk, untreated or treated for resisting water and colour. 
All paintings on paper and silk have to be specially mounted to preserve 

I am the leader of the Northern Group of the National Chinese Brush 
Painters' Society (CBPS). We are closely associated with the larger 
Yorkshire CBPS, with good contacts in the National CBPS too.  Having 
practised this art form for many years now, and both held and taught 
workshops for the past several years, I hope that Club members who want 
to look at this type of painting will find the information below useful.

It is most important that if you are buying supplies that you do not try 
to get them from a Western Art Store, as they will not be specialists, 
or try to buy just off the internet generally.  The supplies are very 
specific and guidance in buying supplies is advised. Best not to ask the 
art store to buy stuff in for you! Otherwise you can end up with 
expensive stuff that is poor quality, not what you need, or outright 

We hold Workshops and Study/ Mentored Days every month in our studios 
here in Gilesgate, Durham.  Members who are interested are most welcome 
to get in touch regarding the next dates and what's planned. You do NOT 
need to bring any supplies - Just your lunch - I will supply everything 
you need for the day to give this a try, and then we can advise you 
about what to buy if you want to start Chinese or Japanese painting. 
Workshops and study days cost between £10 and £32 depending what's on.  
They are always held on a Sunday 10 to 4pm -

The easiest thing for Club members wanting information is probably just 
to email me via the contact page here


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To see some examples by Gwendolynn please go to Gallery "Special"