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We have had to suspend art club activities in line with Government advice.

Hopefully this will not mean a suspension of your own art practice. Maybe its an opportunity to experiment with new techniques. Maybe you could work towards  the next club competition, or the Alnwick 20x20 exhibition. Whatever you're doing you can share it on the website by emailing and image or two and some text to us, and we will publish it here for a limited time of say two weeks.

note for participants... if you want to send more than 2 images please can you put them together into one  .JPG file
Anything goes as long as it is about art, your own current art activities, relevant leads and links for members' painting and drawing activities... that sort of thing. 

From Sandra Haney 3rd April

"Spent most of last week in the garden..."

From Tony Montague 26March
"Can I offer some of my recent experience of painting with ceramic paints (Poreclaine 150) on white glazed china. Painting on to an almost flat surface, like a plate is straightforward and no more difficult than painting with watercolour onto paper with the same problems of composition that you are already used to. When the paint is dry the plate is put into a kitchen oven and heated for 30 minutes to make the painting permanent. However it is much more difficult and interesting to paint onto a complicated 3D object like cup or coffee pot. The subject and composition must fit with and enhance the 3D shape of the object. I have tried so far subjects like landscapes, figures and flowers. The latter being the only one that has worked (attached photo). It may be that figurative subjects are wrong and that simple abstract shapes might be better."


from Bruce McNiven: 25th March
"Since I can't run about with my grandson, capturing some images of him when we were together is the next best thing"

From Geoff Stables 24th March
I have attached a series of photographs that show my most recent work which is part of the village of Caldbeck in Cumbria. I like to take a series of photographs so that I can view how a particular piece of work is progressing. This work is a mixture of charcoal and acrylic.

From Sandra Haney 24th March
Here is a link re the April printmaking exhibition in London that I cancelled. 

From Judy Appleby 23rd March
I have been working on a collection of paintings about The Farne Islands. The show was to go in a lovely house in Alnmouth for the Alnmouth Arts Festival in June. since CANCELLED. But here is a centre piece 80cmx80cm painting of "The Wreck of The Forfarshire". Most of you will know the history of Grace Darling and the rescue of passengers and crew of the Paddle Steamer (with sails) Forfarshire, wrecked in stormy seas near the Longstone Lighthouse. To find out more look up details from the Grace Darling Museum at Bamburgh.
Written along the sea bed are the names of some of those lost including one curiously named "Daft Smith Churchill of Nottingham"
This is the first time I have done a painting with a narrative, it was an engrossing project. Hopefully the show will happen eventually. 
The painting is on a deep box canvas and is now with the framer at Hoults yard who has devised a way to give it a substantial white tray frame.

     The Wreck of the Forfarshire    Detail of lower right corner