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Member: Ian Davison 
I like to set myself challenges in painting. There's no point if it's easy. As a retired architect I know that I can draw, but my training makes me too precise and I suffer from that common tendency to "fiddle". To counteract this I've done quite a lot of work with palette knife. I find that this helps me to make bold marks, and I wish I could remember to always use a much bigger brush than I think I should use. With my landscapes I've been trying to capture the feel of the weather. The "Massacre of the Innocents" is a reinterpretation of the famous Rubens painting, with parents and junk food replacing King Herod's soldiers.

Parrots by Ian Davison

Hornbills by Ian Davison

Man at Chef Fernando's (sold)

Portrait of Ruben da Gama (sold)

Massacre of the Innocents on the No.10 Bus

Carambolim Lake, Goa by Ian Davison winner of 2017 Christensen Award

A Fishy Tale by Ian Davison