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December 23

AGM 11am Saturday 2nd December 2023 all members welcome to attend. Come a bit early to the studios and enjoy a glass of fizz and some nibbles.

The next Saturday Portrait will be  9th December  11-4 the model will be Ellie .
The next Saturday Life will be 

Gateshead Library exhibition runs on into January. Have a look it's very good!

Wednesday Life 
Monday Portrait 
Tuesday Life

Art club programme 2023
Thursday lunchtime presentations. All presentations are in the studio, 12:45 start. They usually last about 45 minutes

16 February Cliff Lawrence, Prehistoric Art

23 March Hilary Franks, Women artists I admire

20 April Ian Davison, Danger, men (and women) at work.

25 May John Old, Experiences of Modern Art Exhibitions

15 June Monica Shaw, Chagall

13 July Kevin Paton, Psychology of Art Pt2

14 September Wendy Ranadé, Dance!

12 October Judy Appleby, The Art of Whisky

9 November Alison Sidney, Acrylics

Details will be sent out and put on the website at the appropriate time.

16 February- 13 April A painting in a prehistoric style
20 April - 8 June People at work
15 June - 6 September Flowers
14 September - 2 November Dance
9 November - 1 February A Winter Scene