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Member: Tony Harrison 
I started to paint for fun when I retired from a career in advertising. One thing about advertising is the huge variety of images you have to create - which means you can usually turn your hand to most subjects. That's good and bad. On the upside I enjoy what I do, but on the downside is a restless pursuit of new images. The result is one doesn't tend to establish ones own "handwriting" (for instance, you can spot a Jackson Pollock a mile off... in fact, you might even get splattered!). 
My strongest suit is perhaps images of dancers ( bad move, Degas got there first!)  I also have a passion for Venice as a subject along with, classic cars, boats, and local landscape. And finally, the toughest genre of the lot "abstract"- which unfortunately, is a charlatans' paradise (but I'm sure you can recognise the real thing).
 I hope you like some of the images. If you would like to commission something please use the contact page with a message for my attention.

The copper Kettle

Abstract Plate

"Coca Cola" by Tony Harrison


Venice by Tony Harrison