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Currently (while in lockdown) our competitions will run for 6 weeks online. 
The competitions are only open to club members.
This page shows the Judge's comments on the last competition and introduces the next competition (to be added shortly).

First prize each competition is a £20 Jackson's online Art Supplies voucher


Honorary member Tony Montague was the judge for "Bird or Birds" here are his comments.
You can still see the entries (now named) under 'Galleries - previous competition'

Tony added a useful list which he used as a basis for judging. You can see/print the list by clicking here

"The standard is very high and selection for me has been difficult because I know little about the subject. However I have judged the works mainly on artistic merit using a checklist of 12 criteria (attached) . These were used by students in the past to help them with their painting compositions. I think the comment at the end is probably the most useful part of the list.
I have picked out 3 works for comment and then my selection for first, second and third.

Bird 9  - beautifully painted pastel and strong highlight in the central section of yellow birds against dark background.
Bird 7 (Waxwing) - well painted pastel good centralised image.
Bird 3 (Ostrich Chick) - A very original idea very well executed.

Third Position - Bird 4 (Black Swan) - Interesting head on shot of the bird , well executed watercolour with good graded wash background

Second Position - Bird 5 (Bul Bul) - excellent use of mixed media creating a lively and interesting background.

First Position - Bird 2 (Collage of Crows) -Excellent use of mixed media . Good texture on the birds and an interesting pattern of negative shapes  between ground and birds.

Winner: "Collage of Crows by Ian Hancock"


The next competition, to run to Thursday 4th June 2020 is for a PORTRAIT
Please click this link to see/print the short     introduction 
Email your entries anytime and there will be a new "current Competition" gallery


Sandra Haney has been busy with portraits and would like to draw your attention to two current portrait activities you might like to join in with:

Sky Arts Portrait artist of the week, last week the model was dancer Akram Khan. Sandra's portrait has been selected to feature on the show so see if you can catch it...
Sandra  used Facebook live streamed Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Week session on Sunday morning.

The other initiative Sandra has drawn our attention to, which anyone can join in to via Instagram or Facebook is Paint a Portrait of the first NHS key worker to ask.... free. The nurse sends you a photo and I suppose you sort it out between you.
There is a standard green poster to advertise your offer and you can contact @tomcroftartist  or for details

Here are Sandra's two NHS portraits